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RedFork Main Street President Linda Jordan, secretary Nancy Webster, and executive director Katy Davis recently visited the Oklahoma State Capitol to meet with legislators and run a booth showing what RedFork Main Street is all about.

Katy and Linda reported that one highlight of the RedFork Main Street exhibit — which showed the history of the area, our current activities, and our hopes for the future — was a laptop computer playing a slideshow about the area and the program.

We have added the slideshow to the “images” section of our site. Click here to watch it. Be sure to click on the captions link to see information about the pictures, and turn up your speakers so you can hear the audio.


Where am I?


So … you think you know Southwest Tulsa? Here’s your chance to prove it. From now through April 30, RedFork Main Street will hold a contest to test your knowledge of Southwest Tulsa. Here are the rules:

1. Every few days, we will post a photograph shot somewhere in the RedFork Main Street project area. (There is no set schedule for posting photographs, so you’ll need to check in every day to see whether we’ve posted a new picture.)
2. You will have 24 hours from the time the image is posted to submit a comment telling us where you think the picture was taken.
3. To give everybody a chance to participate, we will hold comments in moderation until the 24-hour cutoff is reached.
4. For each image you correctly identify, your name will be entered into a drawing to win a softcover copy of Michael Wallis’ Route 66: The Mother Road. The more correct answers you have, the more chances you have to win the prize.
5. Please do not submit more than one guess for each picture.
6. The drawing will be held May 1, and the winner will be notified via e-mail.
7. The winner will have until May 9 to make arrangements to pick up the book at our office.

The more familiar you are with the RedFork Main Street project area, the better your chances of identifying the photos — so get out there and start exploring the neighborhood!

Springtime in Red Fork

Although December’s ice storm took its toll on Tulsa’s arboreal assets, survivors were blooming all over Red Fork on Thursday afternoon as temperatures reached the 80s for the first time this spring:


A little sapling was blooming just off historic Route 66 in downtown Red Fork.


This lovely redbud was blooming in front of O’Reilly Auto Parts, located at the corner of 33rd West Avenue and Southwest Boulevard.

The warm weather and gorgeous flowers make spring a perfect time to slow down, take a walk, and enjoy the friendly smiles, pretty colors, and bursts of unexpected beauty that make Southwest Tulsa such a wonderful place to be.

A peek into the past

The Oklahoma Department of Transportation has a fascinating online gallery of photographs of Red Fork during the heyday of Route 66. Click here to see how Red Fork looked in 1949. The gallery also includes several pages of images of Route 66 from other parts of Oklahoma.

Do you remember visiting any of these businesses when they were open? We’d love to hear your memories. If you have stories to share about Red Fork or Route 66 in Southwest Tulsa, please snail-mail them to Red Fork Main Street News, c/o RedFork Main Street, 3708 Southwest Blvd., Tulsa, OK, 74107, or e-mail them to epriddy (at) redforkmainstreet (dot) org. If you know someone who does not have computer access but might have stories to share, please print out this post and pass it along to him or her.